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Guests are Arriving in 30 minutes, and the Place is a Mess!

We had a hectic week and did all we could to juggle the planned and unplanned events that demanded our attention, and up comes another surprise. You receive a call that guests are arriving in 30 minutes, and the place is a mess! You want to say to the person on the other end, “oh no, not today.” But, you look around, take a deep breath, and say, “see you in 30 minutes.” Here are a few tips to help transform your space from lived-in to welcoming.

  • Give the bathroom a once over. Keep cleaning products and paper products close to where you use them so you can spruce up the sink and the mirror. Check that there’s enough toilet paper on the roll, and that paper towels are plentiful.

  • Always have a storage bin available to get the toys off the floor.

  • Keep a basket where you drop-off the mail to have paper contained at all time. If some of the weekly mail did not make it to the basket, now is the time to toss in the stray pieces.

  • Keep the dishwasher emptied of clean dishes after each load. Put the dishes away so you can place the dirty dishes, pots, and pans into the dishwasher in a flash.

Next Level: Take the same concept into your professional life:

  • Have a spare shirt and tie or another blouse and pair of hosiery nearby for the accidental spills and snags that could tarnish your professional image.

  • Factor in extra time for deadlines, to accommodate any unexpected requests from your boss and co-workers that could throw you off schedule.

  • Keep data and research material for your current projects in a designated space on your desk, and your computer. You never know when you'll get called into a meeting to help sway a decision on a project.

The Moral: Our living and work spaces can look like magazine photo shoots and can also be lived in and worked in freely. We can have the best of both worlds by simply organizing our space in anticipation of the unexpected.