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A Zenful Space Professional Organizing

Conscientious: Professional: Practical.

AZS has a conscientious objective of providing a professional organizing service that exceeds the high level of ethics required for the profession.

With a commitment to professionalism, practical planning, and practical execution, each client receives the space they desire; a comfortable environment with top-notch form and function.

Meet Bernita

Bernita is an ex-U.S. Army service member who has served abroad and stateside. Bernita's military training was rooted in the code of preparedness. Therefore, organizing was essential to being all that she could be. Bernita's military training gave her the tools to succeed in the military, academics, business, and personal life. She is no stranger to hard work and big-picture thinking. As a three-year undergrad, Bernita completed a double major with B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems Management. She went on to earn a M.S. in Management Information Systems. Bernita has pulled long hours planning, developing, and maintaining solutions to problems on countless projects while still managing to maintain a healthy work and home balance. In her quest for adventure and knowledge, she always manages to keep her life and belongings in order, allowing her to be spontaneous and prepared for whatever opportunities come her way. In her downtime, she enjoys reading, movies, cooking, baking, and of course, organizing.

The Company's Success

Company success is had because:

The Clients come first, always;

There is a dedication to exceed expectations;

There is a passion for organizing.


You can have a level of order in your home or place of business that will give you the freedom to focus on your dreams, ambitions, and goals.